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Who we are

  • "Heal Myanmar is a group of volunteers and the CSR unit operated and managed by Hotel 63, Yangon in 2015."

    Althought Heal Myanmar is under private institution, it is 100% powered by non-salary volunteers who are experts in their professional careers and are eager to help and share what they have with the people in need. Since founded, we have been helping and assisting less fortunate people with our missions and projects that directly benefit the people in need.

    We support -

    - Meals
    - Medicines & Healthcare
    - Education sponsorship
    - Volunteering
    - Other programs

Sustainable future for all.

We strive to build sustainable future.

Our Volunteers

Jacquie Lenick

Director of Philanthropy

Jacquie Lenick is a teacher, marketer, and sales professional from USA. She came to Myanmar in 2019 and fell in love with the country.


Creative Director

Mahendra is currently heading the operation of a technology company that provide flagship call center services and mobile applications.


Director of Engagement

Catherine works in education industry for 10 years. She believes that education is vital for Myanmar children. She is dedicated in teaching, counselling and other educational supports to different organizations such as orphanages, disabled children. HIV centers as well as single mother homes and adult homes.

San Lynn Htun

Director of Marketing

San Lynn Htun is a professional marketer, business developer and enthusiastic volunteer. He is also a co-founder of Wealth Sharing Group, a group to assist financially to poor people in Myanmar.